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What is the difference between BTN ELECTRIC BIKE and EUNORAU ELECTRIC BIKE?

Time£º2017-10-14 Posted£ºHangzhou BTN ebike technology Co.,Ltd .

BTN HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD have 2 companies, one is BTN, another one is EUNORAU.  BTN(let's go back to nature) is a company who OEM the unique electric bike/kits for global customers,all the OEM ebikes only for the company who design the it.  also we would like to become an China office for the overseas companies to deal with all the works in china.  we have cooperated with many brand in Europe,Australia, North America.....etc. 

EUNORAU is a company who want help the small business bike shops, they can get the EUNORAU electric bikes from local warehouse without MOQ.  so it can quickly help the shops get profit without risk. grow and help the small business companies is the EUNORAU electric bike should do.

Finnally, we hope to do more business with you. 

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