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Why ebike 18650 battery have such a big difference?

Time£º2017-10-14 Posted£ºHangzhou BTN ebike technology Co.,Ltd .

When customer always ask: why XX supplier offer the battery with much lower price?   I have to explain to them a lot, but the customer still thinking that(price difference). 

The battery cells have Type A and Type B, Type A cell's price is 1.3 times more than type B.  many of the battery assemble factory use type B to let the price more competitive. but you got a potential risk when shipping, customer use, here is the latest news from internet which cause they use the type B cells.

We have some competitors which grow together with us, but now they disappear in the market.  when you always use cheap, you will get more competitor and die in the market. 

BTN aim to work and grow together,  we have ebike motor and ebike battery repair factory in Europe now. it can help you sell goods without risk. 

Pre£ºHangzhou BTN ebike technology co.,ltd offer 3 years warranty of their products. also offer the service for the importers who need help
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