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Electric bike manufacturing from BTN

Time£º2018-1-31 Posted£ºHangzhou BTN ebike technology Co.,Ltd .

Now we have been working with electric bike 8 years since 2010. 

You may will ask why we don't assembling all the electric bikes by ourselves after visit us.  I would like to explain to you below:

1.  We are registered as a manufacture where located in Hangzhou and have 1200 square meters. 

2.  First floor is for assembling the OEM/OEM sample order&the order which under 10-30pcs,   second floor is for the stock parts which we bought for the orders which more than 50pcs/order. 

3. All the parts of our bikes are bought by ourselves from suppliers directly, so we can keep the price are competitive.

4. I think you will ask where you build the orders which more than 50pcs?     Yes, we check all parts quality before send the parts to the bicycle assembling factory and pay 20-30USD/bike for assembling to them, cheap?   that is much cheaper than we hire 10 people for assembling by ourselves.    also we can focus on quality check after assembling.  that's why we can keep growing.  

Any questions can email to

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