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ZWS-6 Controller
  • ZWS-6 Controller
ZWS-6 Controller
¡¾Series¡¿£ºE-bike controller

Functions and features£º

1. Use imitated torque control mode to achieve a smooth start-up of the power-assist vehicle, so that the power-assist driving will be smooth and natural;

2. The electric power-assist has fast response, and it is always consistent with the rider¡¯s pedal action, which is to achieve the effect of torque boosting;

3. With a multi-protection functions such as the stall, over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage, speed driving, phase shortage, output short circuit etc., so as to protect the vehicle electronic control systems and traffic safety;

4. Hall or no hall motor drive, adapting to various kinds of high and low speed motor;

5. Controller power range is 300-1000W (10-20A);

6. It can be customized for all types of controllers for users.

Main technical parameters£º

1. Rated voltage£ºDC24-72V;

2. Rated current£º5-8A (maximum specified 10A);

3. Maximum current£º10-15A (maximum specified 20A);

4. Rated power£º150-500W;

5. Maximum power£º300-1000W;

6. Static power consumption£º<50mA;

7. Under-voltage protection£ºit can be set according to customer requirements;

8. Driving mode£ºsquare wave;

9. Waterproof£ºbasic protection of water washout IP64;

10. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)£ºoutgoing lines can be added with the jacketed ring for interference protection;

11. Lights drive£ºOptional headlight control and instrument headlight indicator;

12. Housing holder£ºsingle-ended or both ends are with the ears;

13. Housing color£ºaluminum natural or black;

14. Product certification£ºCE certification;

15. Dimensions£º

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